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Study of Volatility in Indian Stock Market   Govind Patra

Study of Volatility in Indian Stock Market

212 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This is a comprehensive study of • Volatility measurement and comparison between cash and futures markets of NSE, Mumbai. • Impact of derivatives trade upon cash segment of stock market • Determination of market among cash and futures which react to flow of information faster and hence leads the other in a minute wise break up of data • Price discovery of futures in Indian stock market. The study offers an insightful look upon the extent to which derivatives trade stabilize or destabilize the underlying cash market and how should these risks be addressed.The study and results of this study are crucial to investors, stock exchange officials, regulators, academicians, practitioners and researchers. Derivatives play an important role in price discovery process and in completing the market. Their role in risk management for institutional investors and mutual fund managers need hardly be overemphasized.
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