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Advertising Efficiency and Effectiveness in the Palestinian Banking Sector   Mohammad Zedan Salem and Musa H. Kheirelsid

Advertising Efficiency and Effectiveness in the Palestinian Banking Sector

344 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book aims to evaluate the level of banking advertising efficiency and effectiveness in Palestine. To achieve its objectives, the book researched the internal and external banking environments in Palestine. This was done after so much attention was paid to advertising media selection and the special evaluation process dictated by the history of Palestine. Readers of this book know that writing on Palestinian problems especially economic problems requires avoiding political issues that may distract the attention of authors from their main purpose which is to find solutions and give recommendations to overcome some technical economic problems. In order to achieve our objectives, we had to clarify the two basic concepts, efficiency and effectiveness, and design methods for measuring their effects on our advertising plans. We were able to show that calculating and using these two concepts is independent of environmental variations. Finally, we recommend...
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