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HBL Banking in Pakistan   Humaira Akram,M. Farhan Aslam and M. Javaid Iqbal

HBL Banking in Pakistan

128 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The requirement of education by training for future Msc (accounting & finance) is met by professional program by involving a combination of theoretical education and practical training. It equips student with skill, knowledge and professional values, sufficient for performing as qualified professional and to continue to grow in their career through an unending process of learning to learn.Our department has therefore been seized with the need for developing training regulation, which not only cater for the above stated requirements but would also help in providing experience to trainees to meet the future needs of the market place.In this concern, I was given an opportunity to have a six weeks training in today’s well reputed bank, HABIB BANK LTD. During my whole time I was visited through different cells of the bank and was thoroughly briefed about the procedure and working by cordial senior staff of there. My report is all based on what I have learnt there. I hope that my report...
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