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Impact of Bank Credit on Agricultural Development   Sudhakar Aakula

Impact of Bank Credit on Agricultural Development

436 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
There is no disagreement on the need for agricultural growth for overall economic development, particularly in developing countries, like India,. The role of financial institutions is crucial in the development of any sector and agriculture is not an exception to it. Overall, the concerns in relation to rural credit are generally expressed in terms of – Inadequacy of credit, constrains on timely availability of credit, high interest rates, Neglect of small and marginal farmers and continued presence of informal markets. This book, therefore, provides a new method to measure the impact of bank credit on qualitative aspects of agriculturists development and identity the determinants of bank credit to agriculture, to construct a preference function for bank credit to over other sources of credit, factors responsible for farmers’ suicides and farmers’ expectations in the field of agriculture credit. The analysis should help to policy makers,...
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