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Customer Satisfaction and Retail Banking   ANUBHAV ANAND MISHRA

Customer Satisfaction and Retail Banking

76 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The retail banking sector is undergoing wide sweeping changes due to heightened competition and the initiation of modern technology. Now the customers have become more aware than they were in the past and as a result are continuously looking for better quality of services from their retail banks that can provide them with satisfaction. This book helps in the identification of the relationship dimensions that are responsible for satisfying the customers and also enables in the assessment of the influencing power of these factors. This in turn would help in the enhancement of the relationship between the retail banks and their customers, and thus aid the decision makers of these banks to identify the major factors that determine the satisfaction of the customers. This book has put forward a number of implications that have a practical relevance for those bank managers who seek to identify the levels and factors of satisfaction of their customers. Managers can also be benefited because...
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