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Human Resources Management In Co-operative Banks In India   Rajasekhar Mamilla

Human Resources Management In Co-operative Banks In India

364 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In DCCBs (District Central Cooperative Banks, as in any other cooperative, the role of both democratic and professional managements has their places. While the policy making part of the management must be under the control of elected representatives, the executive part of management calls for professional approach.With the large volume of business and diversified nature of activities in financing, industry, marketing, etc., within the framework of major ends taking place in socio-economic, technological and political environment of DCCBs, it has become a sheer necessity for the professionalization of management on the business like fashion for the successful functioning of these organizations and the issue has to be faced squarely. The researcher-cum-author of this book has vividly explained in this volume the existing HRM pracrtices of DCCBs and how they could be effective recruited, trained,thier salaries can be administered, trade unions and their graievances be managed and...
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