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Unconventional Loan Structures   Hammad Khan

Unconventional Loan Structures

52 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Banking systems throughout the world are usually working on the same pattern of earning as much profit as possible with as low risk as possible. This is considered to be the way of escaping the global downfall of economy, thus banks are loaning only to those persons who can pay them back or to those who are established and have the collateral enough to secure the loans. Loans based on the welfare of human beings like the study support loan, agriculture loans to farmers, small sized loans to business start ups and entrepreneurs are now of scarcity. I have presented Unconventional Loan Structures in this book as a way to loan humans by keeping both the profit and human values together.These loans include the Shared Capital Loans and Future Building or Hammad Khan Loans. Shared capital loans are of course more attractive to all the banks as they will allow them to earn profits in a secured way while doing a lot of good to society as well. Future Building Loans (FBL) or Hammad Khan Loan...
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