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Stock Valuation of Berger Paints by Using Fundamental Analysis   Md. Asaduzzaman Shovin

Stock Valuation of Berger Paints by Using Fundamental Analysis

88 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited is the largest Paint manufacturer in Bangladesh. It has created a very effective and efficient distribution channel and manufacturing facilities with modern equipment distribution and skilled manpower. With the boom in real estate sector and other development and construction works it has widen the opportunity for paint business nationwide. This study comprises Stock valuation of Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited by using Fundamental analysis. The information I have collected on finance Department were gathered from the day to day work experience and discussion with my colleagues. Fundamental analysis is economic, industry, and company analysis that lead to valuation estimates for companies, which can be compared to market prices to aid in investment decisions. The stock valuation technique is explained here by using Dividend Discount Model (DDM) and Earning Multiplier Model (EMM). This model finds value and compares that with the market price of...
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