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Stock Market Development and Economic Growth in Nigeria (1986-2006)   Oluwanishola Abiodun Okogun

Stock Market Development and Economic Growth in Nigeria (1986-2006)

72 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
One of the most enduring debates in economics is whether financial development causes economic growth or whether it is a consequence of increased economic activity. The relationship between stock market development and economic growth has received a great deal of attention during the last decades. Many economists have underlined the importance of stock market development in the process of economic growth while others think that this importance is over-stressed. Managers and owners of businesses are often ignorant of the full range of sources of finance available to them as well as the best means of accessing these funds. As businesses expand, it is pertinent to the continuing success of such a business that it possesses the ability to identify its financing requirements and its sources. Of all the sources of funds, the stock market is by far the largest source of finance for any organization and the study is needed to extensively focus on the opportunities that bound in the Nigeria...
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