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Portfolio Performance   Achimuthu Jeyachitra and Murugesan Selvam

Portfolio Performance

196 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book delineates the Portfolio Performance of BSE Stocks using Multi Factor Model. The Capital Markets are the backbone of the corporate sector because they mobilize sufficient fund required for their development. Every investor, to some extent, is aware of the trade-off between risk-return, but they do not know about what amount of risk is involved in every stock. They do not have deep knowledge about the amount of risk and the kind of risks affecting their investment in particular and market in general. Earning the return in excess of risk free return is not an easy task as number of factors tends to influence the price of stock. Therefore, the study identified the list of significant variables among the alternative measures of risk, other than beta and developed a Multi Factor Model for return on portfolio investment. Further, it explains to the investors how different tools can be used to evaluate the relationship between risk and return associated with every asset and...
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