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Common Sense Philately   Barbara R. Mueller

Common Sense Philately

160x235 186 страниц. 1956 год.
D. Van Nostrand Company, New York
"It is easier for me to explain what this book is not than to tell you what it is. This is not a book of generalizations and platitudes about stamp collecting; I assume that you have had a surfeit of them already. But it is a book of facts and practical advice about the pleasures and problems of our hobby as it exists within the framework of contemporary society in the United States. This is not a beginner's manual; it is not an encyclopedia of technical data. I again assume that you can measure perforations and detect watermarks quite competently. But it is a handbook, specific in its treatment of the mechanics of philately, ranging from the trade to the press, and from albums and accessories to taxes and insurance. I have drawn on twenty years' experience in the hobby in an effort to present a sensible approach to a grossly misrepresented pastime, so that you may find fulfillment in it as I have." B. R. M.
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