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Determinants of Share Prices ( India )   Jaideep Jadhav and Kunal Badade

Determinants of Share Prices ( India )

88 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In the last decade and half, many emerging capital markets have undergone drastic changes in terms of market micro-structure, specifically in secondary markets. Securities Investors would be interested in knowing the determinants of pricing of equity shares,which he plans to hold for periods ranging from short to infinity. The objectives is to find out the association between the Earnings per share, Dividend per share, Dividend yield, Book Value per share and Price Earnings ration with the market price of share. A linear multiple regression model have been selected to measure the combined effects of explanatory variables on the dependent variable. The data analysis and interpretation part shows the calculation of relationship between independent variable and the dependent variable.The final sample of this research includes almost fifty companies from ten different sectors of the Indian Economy. This study is useful for the research scholars, Academicians,and the Equity Research...
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