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Comparative profitability of the banks of USA with of Pakistan   Shearaz Baloch

Comparative profitability of the banks of USA with of Pakistan

72 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Banking sector of each country, play vital role in the development and progress of concern nation. America is considered main alliance in international politics as well as its own expenditure flow is favorable to their nation or not is main concern for American nation holders. Pakistan has significant position in the South Asian countries and its recent influences in South Asian countries affecting its financial structure or not. Comparison of Both countries i.e. USA and Pakistan provide guidelines to how to reduce financial problems of the nations that is meaningful for all other nations as well. The graphical representation of selected five, five banks and its average show the future of 2012 as well. This study is not in isolation but after study you will be able to provide financial advice to many companies by selecting the national and other economical factors. It is advantageous for the scholar and those students are now in stage of completion of their finance relating projects,...
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