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Strategic Implementation of Performance Apraisal in Banking Industry   Deepali Bhatnagar

Strategic Implementation of Performance Apraisal in Banking Industry

288 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
This book highlights the strategic implications that emerges from the performance appraisal system of an organization. The objective behind exploring these implications was to establish the fact that the process of performance appraisal has far reaching consequences, not on an individual but also on the organization as a whole and thus it hold a strategic significance. The study was undertaken on selected public sector and private sector bank employees in India.This book helps readers to think about the Appraisal process from strategic point of view and use it while framing the strategy to attract motivate and retain the talent in the organization.SPSS VERSION 19 has been used to analyse the data collected. Based on the findings of the study, certain recommendations were proposed in the end, to bridge the gap between experience and expectations of the employees.
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