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New assessment approaches for banks efficiency analysis   Bilel Jarraya

New assessment approaches for banks efficiency analysis

116 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The great diversity in estimates of competitivity and efficiency across countries is an attractive aspect in banking literature. In reality many features can influence bank productivity and make it a favorable field to improve her productivity and operate more efficiently. Some banks operate more efficiently than others. Indeed, the difference of conditions, regulations and governance systems between countries may influence negatively or positively the technology under which operate these banks. As a consequence, the question that puts himself: How to find out the most productive corporate governance system and the more developed countries in the case of banking industry? The purpose of this work is to seek answer for the question presented above. So, this work has two main objectives: the first objective is to measure governance productivity and identify the most efficient system. The second objective is to detect the effect of macroeconomic divergence between countries on the...
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