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Model Islamic Banking System in India-Challenges and Prospects   Dr.Md.Shakil Khan and . S.M.Faisal

Model Islamic Banking System in India-Challenges and Prospects

248 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
About the Book: This book is mainly intended to cater to the needs of Management students at all levels. This book may further be used for higher research on Islamic Banking.The chapters included in this book are mainly based on Financial System of Islamic Banking and are very much useful for establishing and understanding the basic concept of Islamic Banking.A comparative analysis of Conventional Banking has also been done with Islamic Banking in this book and it is found that the concepts of Islamic Banking in modern time may be of great help to all the socities across the globe.This book has dealt the most relevant aspect of Islamic banking and all attempts have been made to make this book reader friendly.The topics are discussed with more sincerity and seriousness and all attemt has been made to project the real challenges the Islamic banking system may face once it is to be launched.The chapters in the book also highlight the bright prospects of Islamic banking...
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