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Islamic Banking in Bangladesh in 2033   MD. MIZANUR RAHMAN

Islamic Banking in Bangladesh in 2033

100 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The accelerating shift in economic power from the develop to emerging economies is dramatically changing the banking industry across the world & Bangladeshi Banking industries are not any different than that. Leaders of banks need to take advantage of the growth opportunities this change is creating. This book empirically projects the structural size of Islami bank in Bangladesh in the year 2033 using time series data (1986 to 2009), collected from the reports and analyzed following tabular, graphical & econometric approaches. Results show that Islami banking has greatest future potential for growth, investment & also greatest competitive advantage. The intensity of competition of banking,its strategy and opportunities would be valued in the growth expectations.The impact of new regulatory capital and other requirements on these growth trends in Bangladesh where implementation may be more or less restrictive which impact these growth trends. This report can help policy-makers to...
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