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Changing Paradigm of Indian Public Sector Banks   Reetu Kapoor

Changing Paradigm of Indian Public Sector Banks

136 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Liberalisation and Globalisation process has thrown up a variety of challenges and opportunities for Indian Banking Industry. These challenges are manifold and multidimensional coupled with stiff competition arising out of the changing situation. The public sector banks (government owned banks) still continue to dominate the Indian Banking arena. These banks can be broadly categorized into Nationalised banks, State bank of India and its associates and other public sector banks (IDBI Bank Ltd.). Volatile interest rates, entry of various new private sector banks and rapid technological changes have created significant pressure on productivity and profitability of public sector banks. These banks need to have a fresh look at their organisational structure keeping in mind the post liberalisation focus. This book deals with the comprehensive performance evaluation of public sector banks through the indicators of employee, branch and financial productivity along with profitability analysis....
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