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Analysis of Banking Sector in Selected Countries of South-East Europe   Tomas Krizek

Analysis of Banking Sector in Selected Countries of South-East Europe

100 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The book analyzes banking sectors in selected countries of SEE region (South-East Europe), in particular Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia and compares their development with the Czech Republic as it has one of the most advanced banking sectors in the whole CEE region and is therefore very suitable for benchmarking. Three parts of the book analyzing separately each of the countries are supplemented by country comparison and final conclusions. General development, development of banking sector as well as banking market and financial performance of banks are examined. As a conclusion, all the countries develop in a different way and with different starting conditions. Albania relies more on qualitative development with low absolute figures but high relative indicators with respect to the utilization of available resources. The development in Serbia is rather quantitative, in contrary to the situation in Albania. Bosnia and Herzegovina is progressing quite ambiguously also due...
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