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Executive Compensation in the Danish Bank Sector   Silas Mygind Flytkjaer and Thomas Kornum

Executive Compensation in the Danish Bank Sector

100 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
For a long time remuneration of top executives hasbeen a hot topic in the business debate. A lot ofpeople have complained that executives and boardmembers have been too greedy and an absence of moralsat the highest executive level has been argued.Especially in the banking sector these concerns havebeen made as the financial crisis of the late 2000’shighlighted the paradox of various top executivesreceiving very high bonuses while at the same timetheir banks were going bankrupt or being saved bygovernment interventions. But what is the wholesystem behind most executive incentive schemes? Whichfactors make the banking sector different from othersectors? Which guidelines already exist in the area?Can shareholder and stakeholder interests bebalanced? And can we make systemic changes to better,and smarter, align performance with compensation?These are among the questions that this book will answer.
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