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Islamic Microfinance: A Tool for Poverty Alleviation   MD. MIZANUR RAHMAN and Mohmmad Abdul Mannan

Islamic Microfinance: A Tool for Poverty Alleviation

72 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited has launched Islamic Microfinance program in 1995 to uplift the overall socioeconomic plight of the rural poor in Bangladesh. Presently, the scheme is being implemented through 116 branches in 5,622 villages under 61 districts. Some 0.3 million group members including 0.2 million investment clients of which 94 percent are female are involved in this scheme. This study assessed the effect of micro-investment on household income, food expenditure and total expenditure and found that significant changes took place in all those factors. This study also showed that household income had increased significantly due to the influence of invested money. Other factors like clients’ age, number of family members, total land size and clients’ ethics and moral had positive and significant influence on household income. Study concluded that the Islamic micro-investment program benefited the clients and clients were successful in bringing positive changes in their lives...
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