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Financial Intermediation   Felicia Olokoyo

Financial Intermediation

64 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The book analyses the role financial intermediation plays in the economic growth of Nigeria. Globally, activities of banks reflect their unique role as the engine of financial growth which can ultimately lead to real economic growth. The importance of the financial sector of an economy in stimulating economic growth is widely recognized especially in developmental economics. Financial intermediation is the very core function of banks which could translate to this growth. It is an area in which banks have the professional expertise of matching the interest of depositors with those of borrowers by providing a coordinated interface for the two groups. This implies that where there is no intermediation, individuals and corporate bodies that want to invest in productive activities would have to accumulate enough funds over a long time to be able to meet their fixed and variable costs of investments. This book therefore analyses the Financial Interrelation Ratios (FIR) of the Nigerian...
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