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Microfinance on Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Tanzania   Malimi Ng'wanabulang'wa

Microfinance on Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Tanzania

92 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Women are one of the marginalized groups that have been viewed as the mere instrument.In African context they have been taken as the productive forces, others have taken them as people who can't do anything instead to stay home and wait men to bring the family needs. Recently such shallow perspectives have been swept away.They have proved industrious and aggressive wherever they appear either in offices, in mascular work and even became successful entrepreneurs. This book has tested what at first was seen as the day dream. To support that, the book has examined the following factors: The role played by the small loans from Micro Institutions in supporting the development of women micro entrepreneurs secondly social economic changes that might have occured to Micro Entrepreneurs in operating their business and lastly to identify common challenges facingwomen micro entrepreneurs's business. Women are not waiters anymore but they have turn to be successful controbutors to family and...
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