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The Company You Keep: A Commonsense Guide to Value Investing   Patrick Terrion

The Company You Keep: A Commonsense Guide to Value Investing

Many people dream of hitting it big on the stock market, of discovering the next America Online or Yahoo and making a killing. Instead of waiting for lightning to strike, individuals can learn how to make informed, intelligent investment decisions that build wealth over time. The Company You Keep has been written for those willing to apply focus, discipline, and a little patience to develop their skills and abilities. This book draws on the cumulative ideas of investment luminaries such as Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, and Philip Fisher, revealing a system of logic and techniques based on the value style of investing. The Company You Keep will help navigate the worlds of investment and business with greater precision and success. Using examples like Coca-Cola, America Online, Wal-Mart, Dell Computer, Campbell Soup, Microsoft, and Wrigley, this book distills the complexities of investing, revealing tips, insights, and tactics that will help individuals gain the inside...
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