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Risk Analysis In Strategic Investment Decisions   M. Kannadhasan

Risk Analysis In Strategic Investment Decisions

188 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
With increasing pace of changes in technological and business environment, exchange rate fluctuations, and difficulty in predicting competitors behaviour have made the Strategic Investment Decisions (SIDs) making process more acute, thereby often challenging the task of Decision Makers. This book focuses on how individual as well as organizational characteristics influence on risk analysis (RA) in SIDs. In this book, a model is developed to investigate the relationships of individual and organizational characteristics on the extent of usage of RA in SIDs. The model encompasses five organizational characteristics namely Business Strategy, Information System, Rewards and Control Structure, Environmental Uncertainty, and Performance of a Company, and three individual characteristics namely tenure, experience and risk propensity. This book would provide the current practices of RA within the automotive industry in India. The relationship between the extent of usage of RA in SIDs and...
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