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Investing in Saudi Arabia; International Business Perspective   Jaithen Alharbi

Investing in Saudi Arabia; International Business Perspective

112 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Saudi Arabia is very special country of what it has. Saudi Arabia is the largest market in the Arabian Gulf region and, despite current political and economic uncertainties, offers investors and exporters many opportunities in a wide variety of business sectors. Key factors driving economic policy include the desire to reduce the dependence on oil, and the need to provide jobs, housing and services to citizens in a time of rapid population growth. The foreign investment law of 2000 significantly changed the rules for foreign investors, permitting 100% ownership of projects. There is a streamlined foreign investment application process with various investment incentives(Sagia, 2006). The cost of entering the Saudi market is high because of the large cultural distance between most Westernized foreign investors and the Saudis. The market presents many opportunities and is extremely competitive. Saudi Arabia''s attractiveness is related to its position at the heart of a...
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