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An Investigation Into The Factors Hindering SME Growth   Munodawafa Munodawafa

An Investigation Into The Factors Hindering SME Growth

92 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Entrepreneurial development has been the target for most developing countries as a means of encouraging the indigenous people to participate in the economic activities. The concept of indigenous business people being in business has not faired well in Africa. The elite has been shunning exploring their prowess with the less educated prepared to incur the risks attached to entrepreneurship. Of major concern to the author is the stagnation of business activities and even sudden death of the business ideas. It is from the going concern that when a business is started, it is expected to last eternally. The subsistence mentality of indigenous entrepreneurs has been exposed by globalization. It is the hope of this piece of work to make a work up call to indigenous entrepreneurs to challenge their honors in the global market if they dream of being big. Concepts of financial discipline, vision following and many others are explained in detail in this book.
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