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Influence of Taxation on Foreign Direct Investment   Saeed Ur Rehman

Influence of Taxation on Foreign Direct Investment

116 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
International taxation is very hot topic in business discussion all around the world. Both corporate and non corporate bodies along with the governments are keen to grasp new development in legislations and get benefits of it. The topic was of technical nature and a little bit complicated as well. I have tried hard to achieve my objectives and in doing all this a number of people deserve my appreciation for a valuable support. Tax competition has become the part of globalization process which has increased international trade and investment providing with the exploitation of low effective tax rates. The concept of globalization is coming up with emergence of a number of multinational companies worldwide. These multinationals (MNEs) execute an increasingly overriding role in world’s economy. The key thing is the decision of location of their investment and determinant which have significant effects on it, for which extensive efforts have been made.
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