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Crowdfund Investing For Dummies

360 страниц. 2013 год.
The easy way to get started in CrowdFund investingin a day! CrowdFund Investing In a Day For Dummies shows small business owners what they can do now to prepare for CrowdFund investing since the signing of the 2012 JOBS Act into law. It includes an overview of how CrowdFunding came about; the steps you can take to get ready for CFI once it is available, and ways you can make your company of business project attractive to investors. The origins of the JOBS Act Working within the legal standards and processes for the business and investor side of CrowdFunding Requirements for investors, internet-intermediaries, and small businesses Shopping for the best CrowdFund investing platform This e-book also links to an online component at Dummies.com that extends the topic into step-by-step tutorials and other "beyond the book" content including: advice and articles on how to find a startup worth funding; information on the future of crowdfunding; pros and cons of CrowdFunding; an...
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