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Pricing Behaviour Of Financial Instruments   S. Dinesh and P.C. Sekar

Pricing Behaviour Of Financial Instruments

148 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Capital market is the backbone of the country. This research study aims to provide information about the movement of pricing behaviour with respect to the information and its dissemination in the market. This study discovers the positive and negative impact of information and its relative impact in the market. This book humble attempt to sketch the various important aspects of the behavioural finance interfaces. A major part of the work is devoted to deal with the assessment of pricing behaviour with respect to the information that are publicly available to the investors and the reaction of market price movement accordingly. This book seeks to • Build strong understanding of the central ideas and theories of the pricing behaviour • Develop familiarity with the analytical techniques helpful in investment decision making • Some practices applied to the financial instruments for assess the behavioural impact
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