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Financial Regulations   Ephraim Matanda

Financial Regulations

316 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The textbook topic sequencing is forwarded from simple concepts and dimensions to the more demanding and complex ones. It starts by addressing issues to do with financial system framework and regulations followed by financial markets framework (including the valuation of investments, money and capital market securities and management of asset portfolios in these markets). These financial system dimensions are then followed by a look into risks facing financial market investments,followed by covering of work on foreign exchange markets structure and trading as well as use of forward rate agreements (FRAs) in financial markets (an area most authors of books in Finance usually neglect). The book winds up by looking at contemporary financial markets issues especially from developing economies perspective namely derivatives and risk management frameworks (mainly centred on structured finance or derivatives). It is my hope that the book would go a long way in contributing to the growth of...
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