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Housing Finance in India   Sivvala Tarakeswara Rao

Housing Finance in India

308 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The book highlights the Housing Finance in India with a comparison of HDFC and SBI. Housing constitutes an important component and a measure of the socio-economic status of people. It is regarded as a critical sector in terms of policy initiatives and interventions. This is reflected in the efforts of the Government to improve housing and habitat conditions by way of financial allocations in Five-Year Plans and Fiscal measures, related to housing announced in the Union Budgets. The study goes through various aspects to depict the position housing finance in India. This well-researched work brings out an understanding not only about the housing finance but also about the expectations and suggestions of the respondents in the context of more effective implementation of the programmes. Consequently, this book suggests the need and also the various ways for the development and well-being of housing finance India.
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