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Financial Distress   Alexander N. Kostyuk,Olga Afanasyeva and Yuliya Lapina

Financial Distress

256 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
The world is recovering from a period of tremendous turmoil and instability in the capital markets, it is more important now than ever that governance system, regulations and accounting standards promote right decisions, policies and transparent financial statements that support sustainability and safe economic development. Weak accounting and not accurate financial reporting led companies to wrong governance decisions that provoked an enormous catastrophe which still echoes for the global economy. One of the major problems in modern business world is that most stockholders are divorced from the running of the business so they may not have the appropriate level of knowledge to assess their management’s stewardship of their assets. This agent-principal problem can be solved by proper accounting and reporting practices and further improvement of governance standards. The main aim of the book is a search for an effective relationship between management, financial reporting and stability...
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