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Agricultural And Industrial Finance   Kavita G. Kalkoti

Agricultural And Industrial Finance

344 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
A lot of responsibility of fulfilling the policy aims for the rural area development lies with the functioning of NABARD, by making rural credit delivery system vibrant and dynamic. The study attempts to critically analyze the role NABARD in Dharwad district of Karnataka State, in facilitating the process of economic development through credit planning, monitoring and other functions to achieve the districts’ potential. The officials interviewed were having adequate qualification, work experience in the district and had received need based training in this area of work. They were of the DDM of NANBARD Dharwad district and the ranks of managers and chairman of RRB. During the course of conducting interviews the researcher felt that the raison d’etre of NABARD can be achieved. The mission statement can be fulfilled if the will to do so exists among the government officials (bureaucrats), Lead Banks, RRBs, Co-operative Banks and the Commercial Banks. Financial viability of the NABARD...
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