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Consolidation and Financial Performance   Muhammad Aminu Isa

Consolidation and Financial Performance

192 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Many industrial and emerging markets around the world have witnessed an intense and accelerated process of the consolidation of banks with a view to achieving effective and efficient operations consistent with the best practices of financial services. In Nigeria, the motive of the consolidation exercise was to tackle the crises that engulfed the banks, some of which include mismanagement, fraud, insolvency and under-capitalization. However, the implication of consolidation activity on the financial performance of banks has been one of the defining issues in the consolidation literature that needs to be investigated. This book empirically examines the impact of consolidation on the financial performance of the listed banks in Nigeria. Statistical techniques of data analysis such as bi-variate regression analysis; t-test; the Wilcox-on signed ranked test and descriptive statistics were used. The results show that there is a huge surge in capital availability for banks in Nigeria as a...
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