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How Can I Get Money in the U.S. & Turkey   Asuman Sonmez

How Can I Get Money in the U.S. & Turkey

316 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The availability of external funding, especially access to credit can be defined as a problem for all size companies across the world. Each size of company has different financial problems waiting to be solved and access methods to be used. Companies always need funds for their operational expenses, working capitals and new investments. On the other hand they need funds for growing and changing their sizes as well. Tranferring to upper level (size) requires additional financial sources which will be used for new investment, research and development facilities, increase in production and human resources capacity, reaching new markets etc. Unfortunatelly MSMEs especially start-up, micro, small sized companies have similar access to finance problem besides other problems in all countries regardless of their development level. Main aim of the book is showing to different financing ways, supports and grants that companies can apply in the United States and Turkey comperatively.
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