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Microfinance Industry In Ethiopia: Outreach Performance   Tamrat L. Fitamo

Microfinance Industry In Ethiopia: Outreach Performance

88 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Micro finance is among major interventions that are being carried out throughout the world particularly following the corridor of poverty - Africa, Asia, and Latin America - as a tool to alleviate poverty. Ethiopia is among few world countries which are currently in fast economic growth. The role of microfinance institutions in the economic growth of the country is very significant. To guide the institutions on the right truck it needs scientific research. Therefore, this research has been carried out to analyse the trend of changes in credit provision, savings mobilization, and geographic and financial accessibility of the institutions to the active poor. Correlation analysis between credit provided and savings mobilized together with predictive regression models are unique parts of this study. The book will have paramount importance to managers of Microfinance institutions, policy makers, donors, creditors, and those who are engaged in providing trainings on microfinance and related...
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