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Heritage Tourism   Sanan Yusifov

Heritage Tourism

64 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Dear reader, Although tourism has been researched comprehensively today and its 3 S (sea,sand,sun) aspect is learned in a large scale, 3 E tourism(education,environment,experience) has not been exposed to detailed research and study. Taking into consideration this fact, I made a decision to research Dark Tourism and Cultural Tourism as aspects of Heritage Development. After reading this book, you will have much information about a new trend ,presenting dark heritage sites as tourism destinations, which will broaden your tourism thought. In this book, I have cast light on the connection between tourism and dark heritage sites and its affects on people. Moreover, political factors arousing an interest of tourists in Dark Heritage Tourism are successfully discussed. Every approach and thought are explained through appropriate cases, which make the views clearer.
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