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Development of Conference Tourism in Lithuania   Natalja Shirokova

Development of Conference Tourism in Lithuania

56 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The analysis shows that there is not enough information about conference tourism possibilities in Lithuania abroad. Currently, Vilnius is the conference center, but there is potential to develop this industry in other towns in Lithuania. Furthermore, the research shows that actual level of transportation, accommodation, conference organization, and service is relatively satisfactory. Finally, during the research it was found out that people’s image of Lithuania improves after visiting. It concludes that Lithuanian representatives should work properly in order to inform foreign people about Lithuania. In order to do so, representatives need financial support from government as well as from private resources. In general, the quality of conference tourism provided by Lithuanian conference tourism organizers to foreign visitors is satisfactory, however has some weaknesses, and there are many possibilities for future development of conference tourism industry in Lithuania.
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