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Implementing Blue Ocean Strategy in Ecotourism Industry   Amin Faghih Kia and Vinod Kumar

Implementing Blue Ocean Strategy in Ecotourism Industry

80 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The ecotourism industry is a recent phenomenon that emerged from the convergence of the recent demand for nature-based experiences and environmental conservation. But, unfortunately, the current industry fulfills neither of these objectives but merely serves as a fantasized way of leisure travelling. This inferior perception of nature-based experience of society and modern living is among the defects of the industry, but, in addition, there is no appropriate foundation for operating a specialized ecotourism for those who sincerely seek a nature-based experience. These specialized ecotourists find the offerings of the contemporary industry beyond their means and their only alternative is to create their own trips. Since the number of these ecotourists is increasing rapidly, the supportive industry for this market needs to be developed. This research aims to take advantage of this growing market by implementing Blue Ocean Strategy.
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