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Promoting Nature Tourism Hub   Kumud Goswami and Aranya J Gayan

Promoting Nature Tourism Hub

124 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Promoting nature tourism hub is a book on how entrepreneurship can be practiced in some tourist spots where the tourism service has not been coming up in a big way.The area under study is a district with tremendous potential on tourism.But the policy makers has not done much for promoting tourism in this area.People from this area are economically poor so they cannot do much on their own.They need support from some agencies so that they can start working to serve the tourists coming to their places.The area is rich in natural beauty,have some heritage sites,tribal culture and handicraft items and also enough scope for introducing some adventurous activities like water sports,tracking,para gliding,golf course and many more.There is scope to tape some tourists coming to visit the Kaziranga National Park famous for one horned Rhino because tourists have to proceed to Kaziranga through Nagaon.This transit tourists can be given package for at least two three days as a part of the main tour...
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