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Impact of Globalization on Agriculture Development in Andhra Pradesh   Makaraju Kumar

Impact of Globalization on Agriculture Development in Andhra Pradesh

168 страниц. 2013 год.
Scholars' Press
Many developing Countries continued to rely on money earned from exports of cash crops and raws materials to buy manufacture goods and services with their debts. Large domestic and export subsidies by the developed Countries also made developed Countries exports uncompetitive, globalize to against imports from the developing countries. The outputs of farming are becoming cheaper, whereas inputs are costly. Impact of globalization, changes and support for globalization, to review the subsidies in agriculture, implications of globalization and to recommend remedial measures. Farmers lead new Germen, Israel technological farms in agriculture. The market price fluctuations are also not helpful to the farmers income growth, as production cost are raising, but market prices are at cheaper. This may be the global market impact.The book is focused on Impact of Globalisation in Agriculture Development, production, productivity, development Programmes, exports and Imports in...
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