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Factors affecting tourism   Anwar Ul Haque Fakhar

Factors affecting tourism

56 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book is useful for the students and researchers in the field of tourism.This indicates real root cause of decline and suggessions to boost this industry to earn its share of market in our economy.This work was not possible without the help and morale support of my late wife shaista Anwar,who encouraged me to do work in this area.I visited throughout Pakistan ,sweden Belgium ,UK and collected data to reach to some final conclussion. Tourism is now a Industry and a source of revenue for the State.It is must for interfaith dialog and cultural and religious harmony .I opted to discuss most of the issues being faced in Pakistan and compared it with other developing as well as developed countries and suggested some basic steps not yet taken in Pakistan <The tourism Industry is a main source of revenue in many developed nations.
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