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Financial Performance of Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation   Shiv Prasad

Financial Performance of Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation

296 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Tourism is one of the service sector industries and service sector plays important role in Indian economy which accounted alone 55.1% in 2009. Tourism is the fastest growing industry of the world today, second only to the Oil industry. Since it is "an industry without Chimneys" its significance in fostering development without destruction can be well appreciated in general and in a developing country like India in particular. It is an invisible export as a country earns foreign exchange without exporting tangible goods. Rajasthan, for that matter, has a great tourism potential, particularly on account of its geographical setting, glorious past, colourful atmospheres, gay and spirited men and women, and above all its natural beauty of hills and mountains, sand dunes, historical monuments and relics and a dreamlike quality of its fascinating character. India is one of the few countries of the world endowed with an array of tourism resources - from bio-cultural diversity to a wealth of...
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