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The use of GPS in tourism activities in Barcelona   Roos Oppers

The use of GPS in tourism activities in Barcelona

116 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In this research the use of GPS in the tourism market of Barcelona is analysed. The research objective is to obtain a clear insight into the market for GPS activities in Barcelona to be able to develop Product Market Combinations (PMCs). Difficulties in understanding the market arise due to the enormous diversity in types of visitors to Barcelona and their needs and wants. The phenomenon of seasonality creates a dynamic tourism flow and carries many different market segments along the year. The combination of targeting both the domestic market of Barcelona residents and other (inter) national markets can be useful in challenging the seasonality issue. Potential markets for GPS activities in Barcelona include many types of tourists. Therefore, the recommended PMCs include a wide variety of packages for the different markets identified. Each market requires another approach as they are appealed by different aspects, ranging from whole-day packages including meeting rooms and...
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