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Effects of Post Multi-Fiber Agreement on Bangladesh Readymade Garments   Palash Kishore Dey and Md.Tawfique Hasan Sumon

Effects of Post Multi-Fiber Agreement on Bangladesh Readymade Garments

72 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Since 1983 the garment industry of Bangladesh has been playing most vital role in her national economy, foreign exchange earnings, employment, growth in other sector and most prominently women employment. This industry contributes 75.64% of total exports of Bangladesh (BGMEA, 2007). People directly involved with this sector became worried because of phase out of quota system from January 2005. Despite the competition grew high, our garments industry didn't lose its market compared to that of other competitors like China, India, Sri Lanka etc. The Govt. is taking steps to remove the problem with the backward linkage industry. So, it is a matter of time to get rid of it. In this book we've tried to analyze the performance of 5 different RMG companies and tried to examine the impact of Post MFA where we observe that our RMG industry is performing well at Post MFA. As the study represents a clear image of the performance of the garments sector the firms in the industry both new entrants...
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