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Technology Based Employee Training and Organizational Performance   Asad Afzal Humayoun,Ahmed Imran Hunjra and Kashif Ur Rehman

Technology Based Employee Training and Organizational Performance

160 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The ever growing complexity and variability in the business environment followed by a sharp change in the technology, the organizations as well as the aggressive competition needs use all of their resources to achieve the competitive advantage in the industry and the most consistent and important source of competitive advantage is the skilled workers. The success in the business depends solely on the faithful and loyal workers and it is undesirable fact that the HR practice is an important source of the work relations. In the light of current situation the focus of this study is to use the relevant technology in the training process and its implications for the organizational activities being an intermediary factor with refund to the targeting consumer workers. This study helps both the Islamic, conventional banking and the corporate leaders. It also helps them to identify and recognize the importance of the technology-based training in support of the customer orientation of the...
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