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International Energy Policy of the European Union and Ukraine   Lesya Radkovska

International Energy Policy of the European Union and Ukraine

96 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
I perceive International Energy Policy as one of the key tools for a strong, competitive and secure future of the European Community. For this reason I have focused on the current legal framework of the European Union Energy Policy, future perspectives for renewable energy utilization, International Energy Cooperation of the European Union and Ukraine. Alongside I suggested a project on the topic: Global Investments into the Wind Energy Industry of Ukraine. This book highlights the role of the external players – USA, Russia and the EU – in the future democratic development of Ukraine and its energy system potential. Without significant reforms of Ukraine‘s energy sector, which has been hampered by large-scale mismanagement, the country will not be able to attract the necessary foreign investment and technical assistance it demand to fully and deeply exploit its own rich resources.
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