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The Business Case for Family-Responsible Management   Chantal Epie

The Business Case for Family-Responsible Management

360 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Although there is growing awareness of the problems posed by work-family conflict, organizations in general do little to address the issues and take appropriate measures. Yet, employers can derive valuable benefits from organizational policies and practices designed to facilitate their employee's management of the work-family interface. This research presents the business case for family-responsible management. It covers eleven organizations in four sectors of the Nigerian economy and provides an interesting testimony of what can easily be done and yet have a noticeable positive impact on HR indicators and organizational performance. Work-family policies most wanted by employees generally are identified, as well as the main obstacles to the adoption and implementation of work-family arrangements. Recommendations are made to increase public awareness, and to point the way towards becoming a family-responsible employer.
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