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Dynamics of Environment Management & Disclosures by Indian Companies   Kuldip Singh

Dynamics of Environment Management & Disclosures by Indian Companies

116 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Importance of sustaining the environment and the urgency of the situation cannot be disregarded in today's era of environmental concerns and global warming. Most of the companies are becoming conscious of impact of their operations on environmental and are making policies to demonstrate the company’s commitment towards mitigation of its direct and indirect environmental impacts. Many actions include planning their facilities in an environment-friendly manner leaving a minimal footprint on the neighboring environment, minimizing the destruction of natural areas, habitats, bio- diversity and reducing soil loss in and around the campuses, while at the same time some are being more energy-efficient and pollution-free. Concerns for a sustainable economy and a clean environment have increased and given rise to policies and strong political will towards the development of sustainable energy sources. The challenge in current timing is achieving a sustainable balance between environment...
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